When you stay at Queen’s Park Hotel, you are spoiled for choice when it comes to dining. Not only are there plenty of dining choices nearby thanks to our brilliant Central London location but we also have dining options at our hotel. We have recently refurbished and redesigned our incredible ‘Terrace Restaurant’. The ‘Terrace Restaurant’ is located on the ground floor of Queen’s Park Hotel and the restaurant setting allows for natural daylight to flow through the Victorian elongated windows ensuring a pleasant dining experience. No wonder it is regular highlight for a huge amount of our guests and is a brilliant choice if you are looking for somewhere to dine in London.

Room Service

You do not even have to leave your room to dine when you stay at Queens Park Hotel London. Queens Park Hotel is an affordable Central London hotel that offers room service where you can avail of light snacks and main courses at great value and unbeatable prices. Our guests can choose from our range of freshly prepared dishes using the best seasonal ingredients and then your food will be delivered to your door by room service.

Choose from a variety of meals available from shepherd’s pie to chicken tikka masala as Queen’s Park Hotel have a dish to suit every traveller.

To find more information and the most recent menu please visit our room service page: Room Service Page